BettyeBettye Daugherty was a supporter of arts and culture in Marion County and a friend of the Appleton Museum of Art.  In June of 2016, Bettye passed away.  Bettye included the Appleton Museum of Art in her will and by doing so she was a member of the CF Foundation’s Heritage Society. Through her generous act, the Appleton Museum of Art was able to renovate the gallery. Ms. Daugherty’s gift also provided funding to enhance the visitor experience of the Museum’s permanent collection.  

If you are interested in providing a legacy gift to the College of Central Florida one way to do so is to include the CF Foundation in your will.  Planned gifts help ensure that our students will have the necessary funds to transform their lives through education.  A bequest allows you to enjoy your assets during your lifetime and through your legacy create brighter futures for students at the college.